Ten HR Professionals You Should Be Following On Twitter

It would be difficult to understate the importance of Human Resources in the modern business. Gallup polls conducted in 2012 showed that some 70% of the working population demonstrated a general disengagement from the company. This alarming trend is quite literally costing businesses a total of many billions of dollars every year across the world.

Human Resources is a way for companies to fight disengagement in the workplace and build bridges to employees who otherwise might feel disenfranchised, or like their opinions aren’t taken seriously.

To that end, social networking is changing the way we think about work. Employers everywhere are becoming more social, and better able to reach out to prospective and current employees alike. In fact, some companies are doing away with resumes altogether, and recruiting only using Twitter and other social networks.

With that in mind, anybody who has an interest in the ways that social networking are influencing the hiring process and human resources management would do well to follow some of the world’s leaders on the subject. Below are ten influencers in the human resources world who are as experienced as they are open about their process.

1. Meghan M. Biro – @MeghanMBiro

Ms. Biro is currently the top ranked HR expert on Twitter and has a wealth of experience that she’s only too eager to share. Founder of TalentCulure and a serial entrepreneur, Meghan also is a regular columnist on Forbes and Glassdoor.

2. Naomi Bloom – @InFullBloomUS
A managing partner at Bloom & Wallace, Naomi is a renowned consultant, analyst, thought leader and independent voice throughout the HRM delivery system (HRMDS) industry.

3. Laurie Ruettimann – @lruettimann

LaurieRuettimann A writer and public speaker on human resources, employment, and technology. Laurie has expertise as a HR leader in Fortune 500 organizations, such as Pfizer, Alberto-Culver, and Kemper Insurance


4. Jessica Merrell @blogging4jobs
Recognized by Forbes as one of the top 50 experts in recruiting and leadership. She is the president and CEO of Xceptional HR and a leader in the HR community with more than 12 years of industry experience.

5. William Tincup – @williamtincup
One of the more outspoken and controversial speakers in this list, William is a speaker, consultant, and an expert in many fields including user adoption and HR software.

6. Stacy Donovan Zapar – @StacyZapar


CEO and Founder of Tenfold Social and the most connected woman on LinkedIn, Stacy started her career recruiting for Fortune 500 clients in the USA.


7. Guatam Ghosh – @GautamGhosh


Guatam now works at HR Philips after a career as a freelance Social Business and HR Consultant. He is an expert in talent management, learning, and online communities.
8. Jason Averbook – @jasonaverbook


Jason has over 20 years in the industry and is currently the chief business innovation officer at Appirio in Minneapolis. Jason was recently named one of the ’10 World’s Most Powerful HR Technology Experts’.


9. Morgan Missen – @mm


Morgan is the former Head of Talent at Foursquare, and has a solid reputation from being a ‘super-recruiter’ for Facebook, Twitter and Google.


10. Steve Browne – @sbrownehr


Mr. Browne is a strategic HR professional, as well as what he calls an “HR radical.” Follow him for a fresh perspective on human resources.




The individuals on this list have made names for themselves at some of the best known companies in the world. Following even one or two of them would give the average employee (or employer) a great deal of insight into the HR world. That said, it’s hardly a complete list. Take a look at popular hashtags to discover even more inspiring HR figures.