Using Social Media to Increase Employee Engagement


Any time you are running a business that involves social media, keeping your employees engaged with your users and followers can greatly impact the level of success you experience in any industry. Using social media to increase employee engagement is a way for you to take your business to the next level while ensuring your followers and potential customers are genuinely interested in the products, services or content you have to offer.

Connect With Everyone in the Office

Engaging your employees with social media in the office is possible by connecting with each one of them individually with your social media accounts. Have all of your employees connect with their social media pages, even if they are only using the company pages to represent your brand. The more connected all of your employees are with one another, the easier it is to effectively communicate and stay active online.

Why Employee Benefits Matter

Giving employee perks to those who are working for you is a way to get them more involved with your company and its expansion altogether. Handling benefits administration for your employees is a way to show you care and truly appreciate their time, effort and dedication in regards to their job and your company. Because not all companies offer benefits and rewards for utilizing social media, it can help your business to stand out while attracting other potential individuals to work for you in the future.

Allow Your Employees to Have a Voice

Allow your employees to have a voice when they are updating any social networking accounts you have that represent your business. Giving your employees a voice not only allows them more freedom altogether, but it shows your potential customers and fans that your company has a genuine voice that speaks directly to them. When you allow your employees to share their own opinions and to use their own voice within social media pages, it also helps to strengthen the professional relationship you have with one another.

Offer Rewards for Involvement

You can also offer rewards to your employees to help with getting them engaged with social media each day. Providing rewards and incentives for your employees to get involved with your social media accounts helps to boost morale while making the task even more enjoyable. Providing employee benefits along with rewards for participation is a way to get others excited about coming to work. You can offer everything from time off to free dinners or coupons, depending on what you have available to give and what is in demand from your employees themselves. You can also offer gym memberships, gift cards or even cash rewards at different times of the year to get your employees excited about coming to work and getting involved with social media communities.

The more involved you are with your employees and how they spend their time with the social media tools you provide, the more likely you are to move forward with reaching a wider audience of users and visitors.


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